Art that plays with ideas...

Mary Jeanne (MJ) Linford


I have been a book artist for over 40 years (yikes!), and can trace my interest in bookmaking back to my high school art classes.  Rubber cement and poorly measured pages make my early books look amateurish now, but I still treasure them.


After high school, I got sidetracked by other art processes as I made my way through art classes at University.  I honed my drawing and painting skills as I earned a degree in Art History, and an teaching certificate in K-12 art.  I used the degree in Art History to significantly expand my visual vocabulary (what else can you use it for???), and my teaching certificate to teach art both privately and in the public schools.  I currently teach 5th and 6th grade art at an Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School.


After taking book arts courses from University of Washington professor Hazel Koenig (an incredible artist, teacher, taskmaster, and technician) while earning my teaching certificate, my interest in creating books was rekindled.   I began to make books professionally under the press name MJ Bindery.  I continued to learn about bookmaking, often feeling like a knowledge sponge.  I currently make books under the press name Bad Girl Press.


I am both a printmaker and book artist, and often use my prints in my books.  I use an Ettan etching press to make my prints, and am especially interested in photo-etching processes.  I’m also a geek (M.A. Ed. in technology…), and like having some pretty sophisticated computer technology in my toolkit.  However, I’m just as happy applying brush or pencil to paper.


I like to play around with ideas, both acceptable and irreverent.  I do try to honor and be sensitive to the idea that others might be genuinely hurt by some of the ideas that I explore.  However I also believe that exposure to new viewpoints is a good helps us grow, as painful as that might be.

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Mary Jeanne Linford

10539 N Madison

Bainbridge Island, WA 98110