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“Making Amazing Books”

Mary Jeanne Linford


Making Amazing Books is a fully illustrated instruction book for moveable structures and pop-ups.  It was first developed as a workbook for the students in my sixth grade classes, and has been tested over the course of 11 years by hundreds (2,500 to be more precise) of sixth grade students.  All of the structures and mechanisms in the book are easy to make (well within the grasp of any 11 year old).  Fun to learn about and make, they can be used as the basis for some very sophisticated work by both adults or young adults.


The book features full-color examples, clear step-by-step instructions , and reproducible parts for each structure.  In addition, there are paper decoration ideas, theme development materials, and other sections that would be useful to any teacher wanting to use this book as an instructional aid.


Look for it to be available in January 2010.